Sunday, January 3, 2016

Reasons To Love Cheese

You can find cheese around the world and it is no surprise considering how many people love this delicious food. This dairy dish is incredibly popular, both as a standalone snack and an ingredient in complex cooking and baking dishes. Here are just some of the reasons that people love cheese so much.


If you think there is a wide variety of cheese at your local grocery store, then keep in mind that this only represents a small fraction of the possibilities. In reality, there are hundreds of different types of cheese, some of which you can find in any store while others are only available from specialty retailers or online and yet others require traveling to their manufacturing location to get a taste due to the small scale of production and traditional practices. With all of these options, there is a cheese for everyone.

Health Benefits

Another great thing about cheese is its amazing health benefits. While it’s true that eating too much cheese can lead to weight gain or cardiovascular problems, eating a reasonable amount on a regular basis can actually improve your health. The calcium will strengthen your teeth and bones while the protein will keep you full, helping you lose weight.

Number Of Ways To Use It

Cheese is also popular and well-loved because of the large number of ways you can use it. This is partially due to the variety of cheeses available and partly because of its ability to melt. Cheese is delicious by itself or with some crackers, bread, and/or wine. It is also great sprinkled on top of salads, pasta, soups, and other dishes. You can even cook with cheese and it is a key ingredient in many breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and desserts.

Long History

When you are eating cheese, it is a way to connect with our ancestors. That is because people have been eating, and loving, cheese for at least 10,000 years. We know that both the ancient Romans and Greeks appreciated cheese, with the Greeks even saying that the god Aristaeus invented it.

You Can Make Your Own

A final reason to love cheese is that you can actually make it yourself. It is easy to find mozzarella stretching kits or you can be daring and make your own cheese from scratch without a kit. Fresh cheeses, such as ricotta, tend to be the easiest to make as you don’t have to age them. Until you’ve had fresh cheese, you don’t know what love for this delicious food truly is.

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