Sunday, February 26, 2012

What Are the Leading States in Dairy Production in the United States?

Dairy production has always been a flourishing agricultural enterprise in various nations of the world. It’s all about the production of milk usually gotten from all kinds of cows, sheep and goats. In the US, dairy production is a very big business. Lots of dairy factories are all over the place in various states in the US.

In the United States, milk is normally processed on site from the animals involved. It can also be transported to dairy factories for steady procession, production and sale. In some parts of the US, a lot of dairy farms cultivate their own feed for the benefits of the cows. They also have all the necessary facilities for milking the cows. Cheese factories also may depend on dairy co-ops. These are farms that agree to sell the milk their cows produce to the specific cheese factories that also belong to the co-op.

There 5 leading states known for consistent dairy production in the US. They include California, Idaho, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and New York. According to a report by “Dairy Field 2003”, California is said to be the leading state out of the 4 others mentioned.

However, Pennsylvania is said to be the state that has the strongest dependence on dairy production and farming. The number one industry is actually located in the state. Currently over 8000 farms are said to be available in Pennsylvania. The state also harbors over 500,000 dairy cows. Today, milk production in Pennsylvania yields over US1.5 billion every year in dairy farm revenue. Many other states depend on Pennsylvania for the supply of dairy products.

Apart from the 5 states mentioned, there are other states coming up in dairy production. Among them include Florida, Ohio, Vermont and Minnesota . Each of these states has several dairy farms and industries in several locations.
All over the US, there are over 65,000 dairy farms responsible for dairy production in the nation. Today, dairy production in most of the states mentioned have gone the technology way. All kinds of machines have been put in place to ensure continual production of dairy products.
Today, many of the leading states that are engaged in dairy production produce lots of pasteurized milk and other dairy products for the good of the US citizens. Pasteurized Milk Cheese and Raw Milk Cheese are also produced. Eggs, canned milk and other kinds of dairy products are also produced in various locations within the US.
Apart from servicing the dairy needs of the local US populace, many of the states involved also export dairy products to Canada, South America, Europe and other countries of the world.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Most Popular Types of Cheese in the United States

Cheese has continued to be one of the most widely eaten foods in the whole United States. It’s basically a solid food made from milk. There are several kinds of cheeses seen across the world. They go by different names. However the focus here is on the United States. Two of the most popular cheeses are mainly eaten in various nooks and crannies of the nation. Let’s examine them.
Mozzarella Cheese

This is the number one cheese in the US when it comes to popularity. It actually originated from Italy but today, it’s highly priced and eaten all over the United States. Mozzarella is basically made from water buffalo milk. It’s usually known to be costlier than any other kind of cheese used in the US. This is because, the water buffalo milk used in making the cheese is very expensive. Some cheese makers in the US have to import the milk from countries where the buffalo animals are properly reared and nurtured. Mozzarella can also be made from cow’s milk. The production process of Mozzarella cheese is very easy. It’s usually prepared within a day. In most cases, it’s also taken few hours after it’s made. However, cheese makers in the US have also learnt how to preserve Mozzarella for some weeks.

Cheddar Cheese

This is the second most popular cheese usually eaten in the US. It’s normally seen in a semi-hard state with an off white or yellow color. The name of the cheese is derived from the Cheddar village in Somerset where it’s said to have originated from.

Cheddar is made from cheese curds. It requires basic ingredients such as cow’s milk and rennet. In most cases, the milk is allowed to ripen before the rennet is added. The production process of cheddar is more elaborate than Mozzarella cheese.

Other Kinds of Cheese in the US
Apart from Mozzarella and Cheddar, there are other cheeses also eaten in the US. Some of them are popular to some extent especially in the particular states where they are produced. Many of them are also introduced into US from other countries where they originated from. Among them include:
• Bel Paese - This is a creamy Italian dessert cheese with a nice flavor. Its American version in being produced in Wisconsin.

• Bondost – This originated in Sweden. The American version has also been introduced.

• Cantelle - This cheese is being produced in Illinois. It’s usually semi soft and pale in color.

• Colby – This is a kind of Cheddar cheese usually produced in Vermont.

In all, there are several other kinds of cheese being produced in several states within the North America. However, Cheddar and Mozzarella remain the most popular. They are seen in almost every state in the US. They are usually used in serving several kinds of dishes all over the US.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

What Cheeses are best for a Cheese Tray?

A rich cheese tray is usually made up of quality cheeses, fruits and other spices. You can include meat and other ingredients as well. In any case, not all the cheeses are good for a cheese tray. You need to pick and choose.

There are several kinds of cheese seen all over the world. They abound in their numbers and style. In most cases, getting a cheese tray ready depends on the kind of cheeses available in one’s country.
In the US for instance, Cheddar and Mozzarella are the most popular kinds of cheese normally eaten. Mozzarella ranks the first in popularity while Cheddar follows. Any of them can be used in preparing a cheese tray anywhere in the US. Many people like going for Mozzarella cheese when getting a cheese tray ready since it’s the most popular.

Apart from Cheddar and Mozzarella, there are several other kinds of cheese that can be used in preparing a cheese tray. If you’re not very familiar with Cheddar and Mozzarella, you can make use of Swiss and Colby jack. You can equally go for other variety of cheese such as Cotswold, Vintage Gouda, English Cheddar with Caramelized Onions, Tintern, Harlech, Royal Stilton, Manchego, Rauchkase, Smoked Gouda, Boursin and a lot more.
Choosing the best kinds of cheeses for your cheese tray should never be a herculean task. All you need is to go for what is available in your location. Simply locate the most popular cheeses being used in the area you’re residing in and use them to prepare the cheese tray.
To make the cheese tray look gorgeous, you can add some cured meats. You can go for Busseto, Salami Tartufo, and Sopressata and so on.
You can equally add crackers and breads to your cheese tray. Among the best breads you can go for include German Dark Rye bread, Mini toasts, or Cocktail Pumpernickel bread. For crackers, you can go for Breton Sesame.

Your cheese tray can also be garnished with fresh seasonal fruits. Among the best you can go for include apples, grapes, pineapples, peaches, pears and strawberries.

In any case, cheese trays can be very simple or more complex. To make it simple, just choose few varieties of cheeses and other condiments. To make it expensive, you have to choose up to 8 varieties of cheeses, meats, breads, crackers and fruits. You can easily locate various kinds of cheeses in the food market. It’s also necessary you slide the large cheeses into smaller pieces to make the tray look unique. You’ll also need to arrange everything in the cheese tray creatively.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Difference Between Pasteurized and Raw Milk Cheese

If you’re a regular consumer of different kinds of milk cheeses, you may have come across the terms “Raw Milk cheese” and “Pasteurized Milk Cheese”. Knowing the real difference between the two can actually help you to know the pros and cons involved in taking them. Let’s begin by knowing what each of them stands for.
Raw Milk Cheese

This is a kind of cheese made with unpasteurized milk. When milk is said to be unpasteurized, it’s actually coming directly from a Cow or goat. Such milk is directly collected from the animal without any further interference done on it. It’s simply milk at its raw state. Many Cheese makers prefer to use raw milk in the production process.

Actually, since 1969, the US government forbade the production and sale of raw milk cheese made with unpasteurized milk unless the cheese is aged up to 60 days. This ban is meant to protect cheese consumers from harmful pathogens that may be in the raw milk. In most cases, the salts and acid in the raw milk cheese usually prevent E.coli and other bacteria from growing after 60 days.

However, many cheese makers believe that raw milk when used in making cheese produce more flavor and hence make the cheese healthy. They also believe that such cheese can be taken without waiting for the 60 days to elapse.
Pasteurized Milk Cheese

Pasteurization is the process of heating liquid or food to a specific temperature within a definite length of time with immediate cooling off. The process normally slows down the microbial growth in liquids and foods. In most cases, pasteurization is used in the production of milk. The process usually kills the bacteria found in raw milk. Thus cheese that is pasteurized is simply made from pasteurized milk. Some cheese markers prefer to pasteurize in order to make their products consistent since some of them get the raw milk from various sources. In most cases, pasteurization eliminates the variations usually noticed in cheeses. It also makes cheese production automated.

The Difference

The difference between Pasteurized and Raw Milk Cheese is very obvious. A Pasteurized milk cheese is simply made with pasteurized milk. It has to undergo the unique process of pasteurization in order to eliminate all the bacteria. On the other hand, Raw Milk cheese is made with raw milk gotten directly from an animal source. The Raw Milk Cheese contains all bacteria except if it’s allowed to stay for 60 days before being used.

The bottom line is that Raw Milk Cheese tastes much better than pasteurized Milk Cheese since it’s still very raw but when it comes to cleanness, the pasteurized milk cheese has the upper hand. On the other hand, some of the bacteria contained in Raw Milk Cheese are vital for health but none of such bacteria is found in Pasteurized milk cheese. In any case, it’s always better to go for Pasteurized Milk chooses if you’re interested in eating clean and healthy cheese products. If you must take Raw Milk cheese, make sure it has stayed up to 60 days from the day of its production.

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