Sunday, August 13, 2017

Can Anyone Make A Cheese Cave?

With a cheese cave, you can make your own cheese and age it as much as you want. The problem is that most people don’t have the space in their home for a full-sized cheese cave of the traditional variety. Luckily, a cheese cave doesn’t have to actually be a cave. Anyone can make a cheese cave with a few simple tools and you make it any size you want, from a truly spacious cave with room for aging hundreds of cheeses to the size of a mini-fridge with just enough space for a few.

Turn An Old Fridge Into A Cheese Cave

The best and most popular way to make your own cheese cave is with an old refrigerator. Choose whatever size you prefer and get ready to make a few simple adjustments. You will need to control the temperature as well as the humidity of the fridge to give it the right environment for cheese aging. When setting it up, remember that you want the temperature to be as constant as possible and between 45 and 58 degrees Fahrenheit. You also want the moisture level to be around 80 to 90 percent. Controlling the temperature in your old fridge is as simple as buying and installing a basic controller. If you don’t know where to look, consider a pet store as many reptiles need temperature-controlled environments. You will control the humidity levels with a pan of water that has a partial cover; invest in a humidity detector to keep track of it. If necessary, cover the pan of water more or less and be ready to refill it.

You can also do something similar with an old wine cooler. An alternative to the pan of water is using a personal humidifier with adjustable settings. Remember that you may need to adjust the humidity levels more around seasonal changes.

Section Off Part Of Your Current Fridge

If you don’t have space for another fridge, you can sometimes turn a portion of your current one into a cheese cave, although this is less than ideal. Since your fridge is probably set to 10 to 15 degrees cooler than the ideal temperature for a cheese cave, you will need to put the cheese in the warmest area of it. Put it inside an airtight container with the cheese only taking up about 40 percent of the room as this prevents drying. Keep it humid with a crumpled wet paper towel within the container.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Who Should Consider Purchasing Cheese Wholesale?

The short answer is that anyone who uses large quantities of cheese regularly should consider buying it wholesale. Restaurant owners, food concessionaires, school cafeterias, hospital cafeterias, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, summer camps—anyone who prepares food on a volume basis should be purchasing their foods wholesale.
Any grocery store that carries cheese should be ordering at wholesale cost also. Any type of business that sells cheese, whether in package form or in ready to eat foods, should be purchasing their cheese at wholesale. This will allow you to get a better value on the cheese and reduce the frequency that you need to replenish your supply.
Food Manufacturers And Restaurants
Food manufacturers who create products using cheese should be buying at wholesale, too. These include makers of TV dinners, frozen burritos, frozen pizzas, or any of a myriad of prepackaged and/or frozen foods.
Fast food establishments wanting to step out and try higher quality cheeses than they normally use should check out the wonderful array of cheeses at Golden Age Cheese. We will be delighted to sell our cheeses to you at our wholesale prices. The same goes for convenience stores or deli counters within grocery or other stores. Order your cheeses from Golden Age Cheese and benefit from our wholesale prices that cut out the middle man.
Benefits Of Buying Wholesale
Why purchase wholesale from Golden Age Cheese? We are the producers of some of New York’s finest cheeses. Our cheeses go directly from our factory to you, so you know that you are getting the freshest cheeses possible. Aged cheeses are aged to the perfect time and then sent directly to you at the peak of their perfection.
Our wholesale prices are very competitive with other wholesalers and you are receiving a fresher, more wholesome product. If serving a quality cheese in your establishment, our cheeses are just what you are searching for. Quality cheeses at a fair wholesale price are our goal. You will be buying direct from the factory and not paying one or more middle men unnecessarily, thereby saving money. Buying in volume saves you money. The more cheese you buy from us, the more money you’ll save.
We promise to fill your order promptly and accurately, and to ship it using our best, cold shipping methods for the quickest possible delivery time. We do our best to ensure that your cheeses arrive in the freshest and best possible condition. We want to connect with our customers and maintain solid, long-term relationships with each one; therefore, we offer quality products at wholesale prices. We pledge to do our utmost to make you one of our happy customers.

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