Friday, January 1, 2016

Happpy New Year: Cheese Can Help Your Hangover

As long as there has been alcohol, there have been hangovers, but believe it or not, cheese can actually help you get over your hangover. While you shouldn’t ever put yourself in a situation to get a hangover, if it does happen, it’s good to know that cheese will take care of you and speed up your recovery time. Because you probably always have some cheese in your house, you won’t even have to stock up on special supplies to feel better.

Health Benefits Of Cheese

Part of the reason that cheese can help hangovers is its large number of health benefits. Every bite of cheese is packed with protein, enzymes, and calcium, each of which have their own specific role in making sure your body is functioning properly. Cheese will also help soothe your stomach because it can coat things, such as food.

How It Helps Hangovers

Scientists still haven’t done any specific research on how or why cheese helps hangovers, but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to support its abilities. In fact, almost any cheese expert will be quick to recommend a slice or two of cheese after a night of drinking.

Picking Your Cheese

Because all types of cheese are packed with calcium, protein, and enzymes, you can select almost any type you want to help cure your hangover. If you want a cheese that is caramel-like and nutty, opt for a cow’s milk cheese since the milk is sweet and buttery. If you want a rich, floral cheese, try one made from goat’s milk as their milk is tangy, lush, and reminiscent of barns. Sheep’s milk cheese has more fat, offering slightly floral cheeses that are perfect for hangovers or any other time. Even buffalo milk cheese will help hangovers, such as fresh authentic mozzarella.

How To Eat The Cheese

When it comes to eating the cheese and taking care of your hangover, the possibilities are limitless. Before you have a bite, you will probably still be feeling down, so consider just having a bit of your favorite cheese with some crackers. If you are already on the road to recovery, but want to speed up the process, try making a dish with cheese, such as a grilled cheese sandwich or macaroni and cheese. No matter what you choose to make, you will have a delicious dish that will help you feel better in a short amount of time.

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