Thursday, January 7, 2016

Creative Ways To Use Goat Cheese

It is not too hard to find someone who loves cheese, but has only tried the varieties made from cow’s milk in the past. This is simply due to the fact that cow’s milk cheeses are much more widely available than goat cheese, making them more affordable and easier to find. Whether you already keep goat cheese on hand or are looking for ways to start eating more of it, these creative ideas can help you enjoy more goat cheese in your life.

Enjoy It Plain

The easiest way to use goat cheese is to just enjoy it by itself, with some crackers, or spread on a baguette. It only takes a little bit of effort to find goat cheese with fun flavors so you may not even feel the need to add anything to it. You can choose whether you’d like to just have goat cheese and crackers as a snack or pair your favorite French goat cheese with some wine. When making a pairing, opt for sparkling wine for the best combination.

Make It Sweet

If you want to eat your goat cheese just with crackers or bread, but only have plain goat cheese on hand, you are in luck. Goat cheese is versatile enough where you can combine it with almost anything. To turn it into a dessert, spread a bit on top of a baguette and then add some honey on top of it.

Add To Soup

Although goat cheese doesn’t necessarily have the right melting properties to be cooked into a soup, it does taste delicious when sprinkled on top of them. Take your favorite soup, particularly a spring flavor, and sprinkle a bit of goat cheese on top to add a bit of flavor and protein.

Add To Salad

Adding goat cheese to salad is as easy as adding it to soup; simply make your favorite dish and sprinkle a bit on for texture, protein, and flavor. Try making a kale salad with goat cheese and sweet dried cherries or a delicious treat.

Sprinkle On Pizza

Most people stick to traditional mozzarella when making a pizza, but goat cheese can be a delicious alternative to give a different flavor. You can even make a pizza mostly out of mozzarella with a bit of goat cheese. One of the most popular goat cheese pizzas would include herbs, sun-dried tomatoes, and vegetables.

Cook Breakfast

Goat cheese is also the perfect addition to most breakfast dishes. If you are making a quiche, try adding a bit of your favorite goat cheese (preferably lightly aged). This cheese also goes well with omelettes, particularly when combined with spinach and ham.

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