Sunday, April 23, 2017

Five Ways Your Cheese Is Protected During Shipping

You have a right to be cautious when ordering cheese online since this is a perishable food item and you need it to be well cared for. The best cheese retailers will take extra precautions to make sure that your cheese arrives in good condition and still cooled so it hasn’t gone bad. Golden Age Cheese takes multiple steps to ensure this is the case and you can enjoy your cheese without worry.
With An Ice Pack
Every cheese order is shipped with an ice pack. This way, the cheese is able to remain the proper temperature throughout its entire journey, regardless of the weather conditions it meets along the way. The ice pack is a simple measure that makes a significant difference and allows us to ship cheese across the country.
Sturdy Insulated Box
In addition to an ice pack, every order is shipped inside an insulated box. This box will help the ice pack do its job and ensure that all the coolness from the pack remains in the box with the cheese instead of dissipating. Of course, we only use incredibly sturdy boxes as well so the insulation or the cheese itself won’t be damaged.
Using Reliable Carriers
At Golden Age Cheese, we make sure that we only use shipping companies that we can count on to deliver the cheese and your other items in a timely manner. Our preferred shipper is UPS and we offer a range of delivery options depending on how far you live from our location. We do also work with USPS Express and Priority when requested, but won’t ship with any other company. By limiting the shipping carriers, we can uphold our quality standards for shipping.
Only Faster Shipping Options
You will notice that we also only offer quicker shipping options. To make sure your cheese is protected and doesn’t go bad while in transit, we have multiple shipping options. We also make sure that you don’t select a method that will take longer to get to you than the cheese can optimally handle. Our system will automatically stop orders that would put the cheese at risk of going bad and contact you to adjust the shipping method.
No Sitting On Weekends
Because we ship with UPS and they don’t deliver on weekends, we make sure that every cheese order will arrive at its destination by Friday. If you place an order on Thursday or Friday, this means it will likely ship on Monday. This way, your cheese’s quality can be guaranteed during shipping. 

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