Sunday, April 9, 2017

7 Tips For Creating A Wonderful Cheese Gift Basket

A cheese basket is the perfect gift for nearly any occasion, whether it is a holiday, birthday, graduation, or something else. Cheese basket gifts can even be used for romantic occasions, such as your anniversary or Valentine’s Day. The good news is that in addition to being versatile, cheese baskets are very easy to create with a few pieces of advice.
1. Consider Buying A Cheese Basket
The easiest way to create a wonderful cheese gift basket is to leave it to the professionals. All specialty cheese retailers should offer a range of gift baskets that have already been designed to offer just what you need. This way, all you have to do is pick from their available options and place an order; no work is required on your part.
2. Get Inspiration From Gift Baskets
If you want to make the cheese gift basket personal, then you can make it yourself but get inspiration from professionally made ones. See what types of cheese they put together and what other items they include. Or even look at how it is all packaged together. This way, you can add your own unique twist to the professional cheese basket.
3. Pair With Chocolate, Meat, Or Wine
To make your cheese basket even better, don’t make it just cheese. While this food is delicious by itself, it can also go great with other items, like wine, beer, chocolate, or meats. Do some research on the ideal pairings for the cheese you want to include and create a basket with those items. Or choose your favorite wine and include all the cheeses that work well with it.
4. Don’t Forget Crackers Or Bread
Ideally, the cheese gift basket should be all inclusive, requiring nothing else from the gift receiver. This means that it is a good idea to include some fresh bread, crackers, or something similar to help with eating the cheese.
5. Include Sample Sizes
When it comes to the actual cheese itself, there are a few options and including several smaller sample sizes is a great choice. This way, the gift receiver can enjoy a range of cheeses and maybe even develop a new favorite.
6. Get Something Unusual
A gift should be something you wouldn’t buy for yourself. To meet this goal, consider including a cheese in the gift basket that the person receiving it wouldn’t normally have the chance to try. Whether that is a unique artisanal cheese or very well-aged cheddar, it can be a great addition.
7. Create A Theme
Finally, consider giving your cheese gift basket a theme of some sort to tie it together. This can be as simple or complex as you want and even extend to the wine or other items you include. Some ideas are Italian cheeses, types of cheddar, cheeses that melt well, or fresh artisan cheeses. 


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