Saturday, September 26, 2009

How to Age Cheddar Cheese Yourself

The other day we received an email asking what the best method of aging Cheddar cheese is, so we decided to blog about it this weekend. The aging process isn't too complicated, but does require a few key steps. To understand why Cheddar cheeses continue to age, once they are set aside, note that the enzymes and bacteria in the Cheddar cause this to happen.

Keys to Aging Cheddar Cheese
  • Be sure that the cheese is in a controlled environment and the temperature is between 46°F and 52°F for best aging. At Golden Age Cheese we age our cheese at a constant 48°F.
  • The Cheese must have a good seal so the cheese does not mold during the aging process.
  • The cheese should not be exposed to natural light while in the aging process.
  • Time is key! "The longer the cheese sits, the sharper it gets". A good start is 18 months for sharp Cheddar, but age it yourself for as long as you please.
At Golden Age Cheese, we have several different ages of Cheddar. All of our Cheddar cheeses start out as Fresh Cheese Curds, and mature into the Cheddar Cheeses found on our Cheddar web page. If you would like to get your hands on a piece of 9-10 year old cheddar (retails for over $30 per pound in some stores), save some money and get a head start by purchasing some of our Super Sharp or Jurassic Sharp Cheddar today!


  1. i love cheese , i would love to learn from scratch.

  2. This is the greatest blog I have been on in a while. Thanks for the clear and concise explanation!

  3. Wonderful! I always wondered if this was possible. I will definitely try this. I can't wait to try my own home aged cheddar. Thanks for explaining how to age cheddar cheese myself in the omfort of my own home!

  4. I tried aging my cheese in the basement with disastrous results -- hairy black mold! Can I age it in a dorm fridge? What do you recommend?

  5. Great! Thanks for the article this was exactly the info I was looking for! I am looking forward to aging my own house made cheddar cheeses!

  6. i age mine in a wine frig. right at 50 degrees works perfect

  7. Get cheese samplers, or buy them for wholesale at Golden Age Cheese

  8. I bought a 2-lb block of grocery-store sharp cheddar. It's sealed in plastic. I forgot about it, and now it's sitting in liquid. Is it getting harder as it loses liquid. There is no mold, so I think I'll be pleasantly surprised. I'll keep waiting, then buy another to do a taste test later. :)


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